Stay Dry Underdecking

The Stay Dry Underdecking Story:

We saw the need for a product like this several years ago. There are a few products on the market that we could purchase through suppliers. However, even though the products have some positives, none of them have all of the options that we felt they needed to be the best quality possible.

Therefore, to provide the best quality product possible we feel we need to offer all of the following:

  • Many color options
  • Strong and durable materials made to last through Montana’s weather
  • Modular panels that can be moved and easily cleaned
  • A professional clean appearance after installation
  • Leak proof guarantee for all 4 seasons
  • A strong supportive, seamless water drainage system running along all 4 sides of the perimeter of the ceiling, not just 1 side
  • Free floating panels that do not attach to deck joists keeping moisture away from joists
  • Panels that could be ordered in custom lengths to save cost by eliminating waste

We could not find a system on the market that has all of these options, so we created our own!

Our panel and gutter drainage system is:

  • Exclusively offered by Still Water Raingutter Co.
  • A great way to hide the unattractive under-side of your deck
  • Custom sized and ordered per job, not a mass manufactured soffit panel
  • A product for both existing decks and new construction projects
  • 100% guaranteed not to leak
  • A free floating panel system, not attached to deck joists, that can be lifted for cleaning
  • Attractive and clean, your guests notice your nice new space but not the Stay Dry Underdecking
  • Easily flushed and cleaned with a garden hose
  • Modular and removable, allowing for later installation of outdoor ceiling fans or lights or if you accidentally damage a panel, it can be removed and replaced without damaging or replacing other panels
  • Made of heavy duty steel construction on all components and panels, no aluminum components

Stay Dry Underdecking is our exclusively designed product that keeps the space under your deck clean and dry, giving it the feel and added value of a new second outdoor living space.